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During yoga practice this past week, I listened to my recording of whale songs. The sound is beautiful and mysterious. When in the water with a “singer” their sound vibrates deep within your own body. A species of whale will sing the same song in a geographical area. When the song evolves , it evolves in the entire group. This group covers entire ocean basins. Think about that, the ability to communicate over thousands of miles!

This photograph was taken in Tonga, with whale sounds all around us. We watched this Mom and Calf caressing one another in a beautiful dance, baby rolling over mom’s nose, her eyes closed in the ecstasy maternal touch. And then, the most lovely and rare sight, they slowly settled just below us and the baby nursed. It was a precious moment.

So for this week, I will think of maternal love that can communicate across oceans and though far away physically, I feel that my children are near in my heart.

Nurture yourself. Nurture others. Nurture Mother Nature.

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19 de mai. de 2020

That was absolutely beautiful! I’m am going to hold that all in my heart! Thank you Gwen! You’ve had such amazing experiences and I live through the awesomeness vicariously ❤️

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